Shujinko Ramen House

Melbourne’s first 24 hours Japanese ramen restaurant. Shujinko’s ramen is also known as Tokyo-styled Tonkotsu, pork-based broth. Their special recipe create a unique taste in our ramen broth that has no comparison.

Club Pandora

A multi level nightclub business that offers weekly RNB and Dance nightlife.
Located in 127 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.


An event company that is focused on nightclub events. Catering for weekly social events and parties.

United Entertainment

Event company that is aligned on numerous festival events and large capacity shows across Victoria, Australia.

Ocean 12 is a venue that segues fluidly between a variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces. It is your one stop show entertainment venue. A collision of style, service, food, drink and frivolity takes flight at Crown. Offering karaoke rooms, cigar lounges, whisky tasting & 5 star quality tapas.

Gabriel rossi

Gabriel Rossi is an Australia based comedian. His career began in 1996. He can be seen regularly at The Comics Lounge in North Melbourne. He specialises in corporate entertainment and wedding Master of Ceremony work. His comedy focuses on his Italian upbringing and multicultural aspects of Australian culture, as well as political correctness culture.


Freshest meal preps in town, serving up the Melbourne community

ACN 627 413 263

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