Gabriel Rossi is an Australia based comedian. His career began in 1996. He can be seen regularly at The Comics Lounge in North Melbourne and travels interstate. He specialises in corporate entertainment and weddings for Master of Ceremony work. His comedy focuses on his Italian upbringing and multicultural aspects of Australian culture, as well as political correctness culture.

Gabriel has an established name in the local industry. However when he came to see us, his work was slowly drying up. His website was not performing well and did not work properly. His old website was not very user friendly and contained so much clutter. No call to action buttons and it is hard to use. On some occasions the website cannot be found or it keeps having broken errors.

E-COMMERCE WEBSITE – We knew that he needed our help! We ended up remaking His website from scratch because the old one was just too messy and it would be so much better and streamline to re-create a new one. Since the re-launch of his new website he has secured up to 7 private events booked in just 2 months and increased his e-ticket sales and merchandise sales by 10 fold. 

We also assisted Gabriel in creating contents, flyers & artworks materials. We also took the liberty to examine all his platforms and found that Gabriel’s social media marketing was lacking. His presence on Instagram was small and we have since increased his following on this platform by 20 x more. We also worked to consolidate all his facebook pages and helped him promote and host two of his events. While working for Gabriel, without extra cost we assisted him on Facebook & Instagram targeted ads, website maintenance and event marketing.

AUSTRALIAN TEAM based in Australia not overseas