Ocean 12 is your one Stop Destination for Nightlife: Cigar & Whisky, Karaoke, Tapas & Functions. Open Now at Crown Melbourne on Level 3. This luxury venue is where the night comes alive. Spacious, intimate, immaculate – Ocean 12 is the hottest Karaoke destination in Melbourne. They have the state-of-the-art equipment including the latest karaoke machines hosting a selection of over 140,000 songs in six languages and some of the best sound systems available. Every room has dedicated staff members on hand to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

They have everything right, the venue is immaculate and it is a place where VIP and big names would surely be hanging out. However with all the glitz and glam they needed the local community to know and understand this concept and what it has to offer. With such a huge venue they struggle to fill up the venue with patrons.

This is where we came in to assist them in providing what we do best!  Event planning and promotion, venue set up, music provision and talent provision, influencer acquisition and Djs acquisition. Not many marketing agencies out there can provide this type of service.

We work above and beyond what the client needs. We provide extra services that other companies would normally charge for. Work with us and you’ll receive value for your money.

AUSTRALIAN TEAM based in Australia not overseas