Shujinko Ramen is a food chain located in Melbourne and it is the very first 24 hour Japanese ramen restaurant. Shujinko’s ramen is also known as Tokyo-styled Tonkotsu, pork-based broth. Their special recipe creates a unique taste in their ramen broth that has no comparison. More than 12 hours of dedication and hard work is put into their broth to bring out the deep flavours. They use only the freshest ingredients and toppings for our ramen that are delivered to our restaurants daily. They also offer fresh hand-made Gyoza (Japanese-style dumpling) and noodles at our store which is why we are different from other ramen restaurants.

Currently they have about 5 stores Metropolitan wide. They have been in business for a long time however they did not have a working website. Again, we came in and created the best website that suits their business and its function. We also created marketing materials for Shujinko including photos and videos for social media.

AUSTRALIAN TEAM based in Australia not overseas